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triangleA frequent speaker and advisor to some of the worlds top manufacturing executives on implementing cultural change and integrated product development strategies, Sandy Munro offers his clients a wealth of perspective and a penchant for technology transfer. Although he began his career in the automotive industry and has worked extensively with global automakers and key Tier One suppliers, his experience and insight cuts across virtually every segment of the manufacturing industry.

One of the pioneers in the application of design for assembly (DFA)/design for manufacturability (DFM) principles, Sandy Munro founded his consulting firm, Munro & Associates, Inc., in 1988 to help North American manufacturers harness the power of concurrent engineering/DFM to reach new levels of global competitiveness.

Since that time, Munro & Associates, Inc. has helped manufacturers of all types of products -- from airplanes to toys, appliances to medical devices, and automobiles to electronics -- to save an estimated $9 billion and retain or return to North America   some 50,000 jobs. Also, his company’s service portfolio has expanded to include a number of interrelated tools to help manufacturing companies succeed, including ergonomics consulting, competitive benchmarking, strategic product planning, value analysis/value-engineering services, and the Munro Quality Report Card, which can help companies reach six sigma quality levels.

With more than 26 years of experience in designing, building and processing components, Sandy brings clients an unmatched breadth of experience gained in the manufacturing and engineering environments. After beginning his career as a toolmaker, he worked his way up the ranks to designer and eventually became engineering manager at Valiant Machine Tool Company, a leading Detroit area specialty tool company.

In 1978, Sandy joined Ford Motor Company and shifted roles from machine tool and automation designer to manufacturing engineer. After several projects where he helped increase productivity on engine assembly lines, he was promoted to Senior Automation Specialist, where he supervised installation and development of new, more productive engine manufacturing lines.

After discovering and successfully implementing design for assembly principles at Ford, Sandy was named Corporate Coordinator - Design For Assembly for the automaker. In this new position, Sandy helped Ford utilize DFA to save billions of dollars, improve quality and reduce development cycles during the early 1980's. At his urging, Ford granted the University of Rhode Island nearly $1 million to develop and expand DFA methodologies to include all manufacturing disciplines.

In addition to his extensive background in manufacturing, engineering and automation, Sandy also brings a contagious enthusiasm, an unchecked curiosity, a fresh and unique perspective and a never-say-die attitude ... all key to the team-building needed for successful concurrent engineering. He believes teamwork, not technology, is the most important success factor for a manufacturing company.

Evangelical in spreading the ‘gospel’ of paradigms shifts, concurrent engineering and innovation, Sandy has chaired and spoken at numerous engineering conferences and symposia across North America and Europe. He has also lectured at Stanford, Purdue, University of Rhode Island and other universities. A member of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers and the Engineering Society of Detroit, he was born near Windsor, Ontario, and now resides in the Detroit area.

Sandy Murno of Murno & Associates, Inc.
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